Why Certified?

Why should you repair your vehicle at a certified facility?
Having your vehicle repaired at a certified collision centre is the right choice. And it's your insurance company's obligation to follow your wishes.

Peel away the skin of a modern car and you'll find a network of wires, motors, sensors, and switches, held together with advanced materials and construction techniques.

That's why a modern collision-repair facility like Pfaff Autoworks is so much more than a "body shop". We're responsible to you, not just for bringing your car's body back to cosmetic perfection; we have to ensure all of the systems inside are functioning as well.

This takes a substantial investment in tools and equipment, training and technology, and the exclusive use of manufacturer-certified parts, paint, and procedures.

We fix your car the way it was built - and with modern multi-material structures, that's the only way. Our Celette bench uses the same techniques to repair a vehicle's structure that was used to make it in the first place. Your vehicle is refinished using factory finishes and procedures, ensuring it maintains the factory anti-corrosion warranty. The exclusive use of OEM parts and procedures also means every vehicle function - from locks and windows to blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, parking sensors, and rear-view-cameras, works correctly.

Repairing your vehicle at a certified collision centre like Pfaff Autoworks is the only way to ensure your vehicle is returned to 100% safety and functionality.

Allowing your insurance company to direct your vehicle to a non-certified facility may mean that improper parts and equipment are used, compromising the function of your vehicle's features and safety.

Aligning your car's frame using substandard equipment, may further reduce its structural integrity, despite the appearance of having been repaired. And aftermarket parts and non-OEM procedures could void your warranties, as well as disable sophisticated safety features.

If you are leasing your vehicle, you could be held accountable at the lease end if your car has been repaired improperly.

Remember that it is your insurance company's obligation to pay for repairs to your vehicle - at the facility of your choice.

Properly repairing a modern, sophisticated vehicle is expensive - it requires proper training, equipment, and parts. You and your vehicle deserve nothing less.