Service Rates

At Pfaff Autoworks we strive to provide you with the highest quality work that conforms to Manufacturer Standards and utilizes OEM parts and materials exclusively during the repair process, ensuring that your vehicle is repaired to the highest possible standard to keep you and your family safe as the manufacturer intended.

We also strive to offer competitive rates for our various services and operate on a fully transparent policy to provide you with as much information about your vehicle repair as possible.

See our rates below listed as hourly charges unless otherwise stated. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us to discuss.

  • $85 General body labour
  • $85 General refinishing labour
  • $139-$195 Mechanical labour – Manufacturer-dependent
  • $100 Porsche & Tesla specific body labour
  • $100 Steel frame & structural labour
  • $165 Carbon fibre and aluminum frame & structural labour
  • $45 Paint material
  • $60 Vehicle storage (charged per day)