Honda ProFirst Certfied Collision Repair

Pfaff Autoworks is a Honda certified collision centre. Our technicians are trained to restore your Honda to factory crashworthiness, ensuring your safety and that of others once you get back on the Richmond Hill streets.

Our Honda ProFirst Certified Collision Centre

After a collision has occurred, you want your vehicle repaired and restored to its pre-collision condition. So, where can you get your Honda repaired after a car accident with this level of quality and detail? A Honda ProFirst Certified Collision centre, like Pfaff Autoworks! Our team specializes in Honda collision repairs and is committed to repairing your Honda to its pre-collision condition and functionality, which includes its look, safety, structural integrity, and overall performance.

Pfaff Autoworks is both a Honda certified collision centre and certified by Verifacts, an independent, third-party certifier that verifies collision centres that uphold consistent, high-quality repairs. Our technicians are trained to restore your Honda to factory crashworthiness, ensuring your safety and that of others once you get back on the Richmond Hill streets.

Why Consider a ProFirst Certified Body Shop?

Honda ProFirst Certified Collision Repair shops are committed to a complete repair through required ongoing industry education and annual third-party certifications.

If you’ve been in a collision, consider having your Honda repaired by our ProFirst Certified body shop. Here is what you can expect from a ProFirst Certified shop:

I-CAR Gold Class Professional® Certification

In order to earn a ProFirst Certified title, a body shop must be certified as either an I-CAR Gold Class Professional® shop or a Medallion shop.

I-CAR (The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to the collision repair industry and ensuring proper repairs. I-CAR Gold Class Professionals® is the highest I-CAR level of achievement and is considered to be the highest level of training in the industry. To earn this title, a body shop must achieve and maintain a high level of relevant training that deals with the various collision repair roles.

Honda-Specific Training & Repair Information

ProFirst shops must complete I-CAR training and additional Honda-specific training to ensure that they are up to date on all the newest Honda technology. ProFirst Certified body shops have access to all service and repair information straight from Honda, including mechanical and collision repair, for all years and models of Honda automobiles.

No matter your Honda model or year, you can trust our Honda certified collision centre to make the proper collision repairs.

Genuine Honda Parts

Honda ProFirst Collision Repair centres use Genuine Honda Parts for your collision repairs. If you’re ever in an accident, you’ll want to insist that your insurance company authorizes a Honda-certified repair facility that only uses Genuine Honda Collision Parts. Why?

Genuine Honda Collision Parts are the only parts that are manufactured to Honda’s standards for fit, finish, and corrosion protection. These parts are designed to support and enhance your Honda’s performance. They’re also the only parts covered by a Honda warranty to add peace of mind.

State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment

Honda vehicles are designed and engineered using specific materials that often require specific tools and equipment for proper repair. Honda ProFirst Certified Collision Repair shops are equipped and educated with the right tools and equipment to repair your Honda properly.

At Pfaff Autoworks, our collision centre has state-of-the-art technology created for Honda collision repairs. Along with updated repair technology, you can also be assured that our facility maintains a clean and professional space in the customer lounge and inside and outside the shop.

Customer Satisfaction System

Profirst Certified shops are committed to customer satisfaction. To ensure that, there is a customer satisfaction survey system that determines whether or not they are meeting your needs.

Honda ProFirst Collision Repair FAQ

If you have questions, whether it’s “Where can I get my Honda repaired after a car accident?” or more specific queries, the team at Pfaff Autoworks answers them here. After a collision, you’ll want to make sure everyone is safe and that your collision is recorded. Then, you’ll need to get in touch with your insurance company about scheduling Honda collision repairs.

Man in Parts Department Mobile

Will My Insurance Company Automatically Specify Genuine Honda Collision Parts?

No. You’ll need to talk to your insurance company about exclusively using Genuine Honda Collision Parts for your repairs. These parts are designed for your Honda model, contributing to its overall quality.

Are Imitation Parts Equal to the Quality of Genuine Honda Collision Parts?

No. Insurance companies may suggest imitation parts because they cost less, but these parts may compromise the fit, finish, and corrosion protection of your Honda.

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Is there a warranty on Genuine Honda Collision Parts?

Yes. Using Genuine Honda Collision Parts means you’re covered by the Honda Replacement Warranty.

Do I Have the Right to Know What Parts My Honda is Getting?

Yes. You have the right to know what replacement parts are being used. You can ask for proof that like, kind, and quality parts will equal Genuine Honda Collision Parts. Chances are, they won’t.

Genuine Honda Collision Parts help keep your Honda a Honda.

We’re Prepared to Repair Your Electric Vehicle

If your electric vehicle has been in a collision, you can trust our Honda certified collision centre to properly repair it. Repairing an electric vehicle is significantly more complicated than repairing a conventional vehicle, which is why you want a certified collision centre.

An electric battery is a high-voltage device that requires proper handling to keep its charge and support your electric vehicle’s functionality. Pfaff Autoworks has invested heavily in training, technology, tools, and equipment to repair the latest generation of Honda electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Here are the benefits of choosing us to repair your electric vehicle:

  • We have received specific electric vehicle training. Our technicians, estimators, and staff who work on electric cars are qualified to handle electric vehicles.
  • We have specific safety procedures in place to protect our staff and to protect your vehicle. This includes quarantining batteries from damaged cars.
  • We have appropriate charging equipment in place to ensure that your vehicle’s battery does not get discharged while it is being repaired. A dislodged battery can cause serious issues to your electric vehicle.
  • We have the specific tools and equipment that are required to work on electric vehicles.

If your Honda electric or hybrid vehicle has been involved in a collision, you can schedule an estimate with our Pfaff Autoworks team. We’ll work to efficiently restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition.

Contact Our Certified Collision Centre

When you need Honda collision repairs near Vaughan, you can schedule them with the Pfaff Autoworks team. By choosing our Honda ProFirst Certified Collision centre, you can trust that your Honda will be repaired to factory crashworthiness and retain the highest possible quality. Contact Pfaff Autoworks today to request an estimate.

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