Certified Collision Repair

So many vehicles are capable and stylish and make for a popular option on the roads of Markham and Toronto, Ontario. When on the road, accidents can happen, even to the best-constructed vehicles. To get back on the road, your vehicle may need some repairs. Having them performed at a certified collision repair facility is a great way to ensure your car returns to its state before the accident.

Pfaff Autoworks is a manufacturer-certified facility that can repair your vehicle and get you back to your daily routine. Learn more about our certifications below, and schedule your estimate when you’ve finished reading.

Manufacturer Certified Collision Repair

Our collision repair facility has multiple manufacturer certifications from automakers, which include Nissan, Porsche, BMW, and Honda. This means our technicians meet the high standards set for each company’s repairs. Our technicians are trained to repair vehicles and use the right equipment for the job. We can perform complex aluminum and composite body structure repairs, as well as more basic repairs like dents or scratches.

Where you go for repairs for your vehicle is up to you. We work with your insurance company to make sure you get insurance-approved collision repair. A certified facility is an excellent choice for collision repairs.

Your OEM Collision Repair Centre

As we perform your insurance-approved collision repairs, whether it’s an SUV or a sedan, our technicians use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

OEM parts come with many benefits at our OEM collision repair centre, one of which is that they are made specifically for your brand of vehicle. That means these parts fit perfectly into your vehicle and retain your car’s originality. A vehicle that’s made with original parts is worth more and is often in better condition throughout its life than one that’s been repaired with aftermarket parts.

All the labour and parts used for your repairs will be covered by a warranty, so drive with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected by the right parts from our OEM collision repair centre. If you have questions about the warranty, our team can answer them.

Certified Collision Repair

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our certified collision repair centre uses high-quality equipment to repair your vehicle. This includes the Celette bench, which allows us to use the same techniques to repair your car’s structure that were used to make it in the factory.

Factory finishes, including paint matches and ensuring your anti-corrosion warranty remains intact, all work toward the restoration of your vehicle. Each part of your vehicle is assessed to make sure it’s functioning correctly, including driver-assistive systems, transmission, and headlights.

Electric Vehicle Collision Repairs

Electric vehicles (EVs) require specific training, equipment, and techniques. Our collision repair facility can care for your EV and ensure it is repaired correctly. Every technician, staff, and estimator who works with electric vehicles is trained and certified in EV repairs. In addition to repair equipment, our electric vehicle facility also has charging and maintenance equipment, so your EV remains charged and ready to drive you home when you come to pick it up.

Ceramic Coating

When we complete repairs to your car, you’ll have the option of adding a ceramic coating. The XPEL Fusion Plus 9H ceramic coating that our technicians use is scratch-resistant, enhances gloss, increases colour depth, and resists swirl marks.

The ceramic coating also comes with a hydrophobic formula that repels water and dirt, making your vehicle easier to clean.

Schedule Vehicle Vehicle Repairs Today

If your car needs repairs after a collision or an incident, schedule them at Pfaff Autoworks. Drivers around Markham and Toronto, ON, can trust our manufacturer and VeriFacts-certified collision repair centre to bring their vehicles back to like-new quality with insurance-approved collision repairs.

To begin the repair process, schedule an estimate online or by phone. We will let you know what to expect for repairs and costs once we inspect your vehicle. Our team can answer your questions about the repair process.

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