Car Dent Repair near Vaughan ON

If you've been driving a car for a while, you know that car dents happen. Shopping carts in parking lots, accidents, and even random acts of nature can all cause dents on our vehicles.

Want to repair the dent in your vehicle? Vaughan, Ontario, drivers can turn to Pfaff Autoworks for dent repair. We have a facility with the right tools and techniques to repair your vehicle's dent and ensure all its systems are working properly.

Why Should You Repair Dents?
If a dent does not appear to be impacting your vehicle's function, you might wonder, why repair it?

While some dents can appear minor, it's hard to assess the potential damage the dent does at a glance. Having a trained technician look at your vehicle will tell you if that dent is cosmetic or may lead to more damage. Getting it repaired solves any worries about long-term damage.

Dents in your vehicle may allow water to get under the clear coat and paint on your vehicle's exterior. This can lead to rust. Rust will cause the metal to flake away, eventually leading to a structurally unsafe vehicle.

Some dents will impact your vehicle's paint. These dents often lower the value of your car and can lead to additional rust damage. When you want to trade a vehicle for a different model, you won't get as much.

If a dent is severe enough, it can indicate an issue with your vehicle's frame, making the car less safe to drive.

Certified Repair Facility

As a certified repair facility, Pfaff Autoworks has the equipment and team to repair your vehicle inside and out. Our facility is certified by VeriFacts, an independent third-party certifier that only awards certification to facilities that meet their quality levels.

In addition to the VeriFacts certification, we are also certified facilities for several vehicle manufacturers, including:

  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • BMW
  • Kia
  • Tesla
Our facility is also electric vehicle friendly. We have the safety training and tools to properly care for your EV, keep it charged, and get it ready to drive on the road again.
We Use OEM Parts and Paints

As we work on repairing your vehicle's dents, we'll use the same parts and paint used in the factory when your car was made. Using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts allows us to ensure that your vehicle retains all its functionality and that any parts we use fit properly.

While not all dent repairs require paint, if your does, our team will match the paint and ensure your vehicle looks great. Our facility also uses BASF Glasurit paints, which are the OEM paint suppliers for vehicle manufacturers like McLaren, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.
Schedule Your Car Dent Repair near Vaughan Today

If your vehicle has car dents that you need repaired, our Pfaff Autoworks team can do the job. It's our goal to get vehicles back up to aesthetic and functional factory standards so you can drive on Vaughan, ON, roads knowing your vehicle is safe.

Schedule an estimate or repair by contacting us today.