Car Dent Repair near Scarborough ON

Is your vehicle in need of car dent repair near Scarborough, Ontario? It's important to have a technician repair dents to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Pfaff Autoworks is a certified collision repair facility equipped with the tools to complete your car dent repair.

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Repairing Car Dents

A car dent can be caused by something as simple as another car door or as unpredictable as the weather. Although unexpected car dents are a common experience for many drivers, it's essential to have them repaired in a timely manner for both aesthetic and functionality purposes.  

At a glance, a dent in your car may not be a problem worth addressing. However, without the proper expertise and technology provided by our team, there may be long-lasting damage that gets overlooked.

For example, unrepaired car dents can cause paint damage, which can decrease your vehicle's resale value. Dents may also allow water to seep into the paint cracks. Over time, this will cause rust and lead to structural damage to your vehicle.

If your vehicle has a dent, you can schedule an estimate at our certified collision facility.



Our Certified Collision Facility

To expertly complete a car dent repair, you need a certified facility and trained technicians to handle the job. At Pfaff Autoworks, we have a team of highly trained service technicians, with years of experience. When taking on car dent repairs, they have the latest tools and technology to assist them in the process.

Our collision facility is certified by VeriFacts Automotive, a third-party verifier, as well as several manufacturers. That means we are prepared to complete dent repairs on a number of vehicles, including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche

We also have the technology needed to complete repairs on electric vehicles. If your electric vehicle needs dent repair, we can complete it while protecting its battery with our charging and maintenance equipment.

OEM Parts and Equipment

Along with our experienced technicians and latest technology, our body shop team uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and equipment. OEM parts and equipment are manufacturer backed, meaning they promote long-lasting performance for your make and model.

Some car dent repairs may require paint. If required, we use Glasurit® paint from BASF, a leading supplier of automotive paint products, to ensure your vehicle is painted with its original color. They are also an OEM supplier for McLaren, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

Once your car dent repair is completed, our technicians will make sure your vehicle is restored to its original aesthetic and functionality. You'll have peace of mind knowing that all systems in your car are performing as they should.

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When you notice a dent in your car, it's crucial to have it repaired, no matter the size. The certified collision facility at Pfaff Autoworks is well qualified to complete car dent repairs near Scarborough, Ontario, and ensure your vehicle is working properly.

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