Car Accident Repair near Richmond Hill ON

Accidents are part of driving. When they happen, it can be helpful to have a dedicated repair facility to help get your vehicle back on the road. If you're in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that collision centre can be Pfaff Autoworks.

Our car accident repair facility is dedicated to restoring your vehicle's style and functionality, so you can drive again like the accident never happened.
Certified Collision Centre

Our collision repair centre strives to offer high-quality repairs in a timely matter. That's why we have earned a VeriFacts certification. VeriFacts is a third-party certifier that only certifies facilities that maintain high-level quality in their accident repairs.

In addition to a VeriFacts certification, our repair centre also is certified by several vehicle manufacturers, such as:

  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche
  • Mazda
This means we use the correct tools and equipment to properly repair these vehicles after accidents.
Repairing the Interior and Exterior of Your Vehicle

Repairing a vehicle means repairing the inside as well as the outside. A proper repair starts with the right equipment. Many of the tools used in our vehicle repairs are the same tools used to create your vehicle originally.

This ensures the important parts of your vehicle, like its frame, return to full crashworthiness when you drive again. Our Celette bench is that kind of equipment. It aids us in repairing your car's frame.

Our repair facility also uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. OEM parts are the parts your vehicle is built with at the factory. These replacement parts will fit into your vehicle well because it's made for your car's specific make and model. It also ensures your vehicle's originality.
Exterior Repair

Part of vehicle repairs is bringing your vehicle back to a factory finish. This includes paints, windshields, and other components of your car.

To ensure your vehicle looks great, we use products like BASF Glasurit, the OEM paint supplier for many different vehicle manufacturers, such as Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

We also use 3M detailing products to finish off your vehicle's exterior with wax and polish.
Electric Vehicle Friendly Repairs

Electric vehicles (EVs) require specific tools, training, and equipment to repair. At our collision centre, we are prepared to work on your EV. Our safety procedures aid in protecting our technicians and maintaining your EV's functionality.

Our collision centre is certified to work on Tesla EVs and with Tesla to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.

Your EV's battery is in good hands. We'll ensure that your EV's battery remains charged, and you can drive it home once the repairs are complete.
Schedule Your Car Accident Repairs near Richmond Hill ON Today

If your vehicle has been in an accident and you're looking for an estimate, and to schedule repairs, Pfaff Autoworks is here to help. It's our goal to get drivers back on the roads of Richmond Hill, ON, with a fully functional vehicle as quickly as possible.

Contact us by phone or use our online scheduling tool to schedule an estimate today.