Summer Tires

Summer Tires

Summer Tires
Now that you realize the importance of using and changing out winter tires, you may be wondering if summer tires are worth the investment. The short answer is: “yes.” Summer tires are worth the investment and worth the effort. Summer tires are made to work best under summer weather conditions. They are known for high performance on dry roads as opposed to wet, icy, or snowy roads. Because they are made to give optimal performance on dry and hot roads, they create less strain on the car. They have low rolling resistance, which essentially means they allow the car to move easier. When your car isn’t facing resistance from the tires and it moves more freely, it uses less gas and force. Summer tires are simply nicer to your car as those hot and humid days build up. In this article by Pfaff Autoworks, we will talk about the benefits of summer tires, and why you should consider alternating from summers to winters.

Shallow Tread
After a quick glance at a summer tire, you might mistakenly believe that the tire has been used and worn to a near-bald state. However, this is because summer tires feature extremely shallow tread. This means that you won’t have much grip if you leave the tires on your car and attempt to drive in icy or snowy conditions, which is why you must have a set of winter or all-purpose tires put on as soon as the weather turns chilly. Shallow tread can also make driving in wet conditions more dangerous. The existing grooves will help shed water if you’re driving during a storm, and hydroplaning won’t become an issue unless the water level gets dangerously high. However, if you drive frequently in the rain, consider a different type of tire.

More Surface Contact
Manufacturers design summer tires to have as much physical contact with the road surface as possible. This can make you feel more connected to the road while you’re angling through curves or cruising down the highway. Many drivers prefer this experience, especially when they embark upon summer road trips. It’s particularly ideal for smooth, dry roads.

Firmer Ride Quality
Although summer tires have plenty of benefits, you might have to sacrifice some comfort. Because of the increased road connection and the low side walls, you’ll feel all the bumps and divots in the road more keenly. This could mean a little stiffness and soreness after a long road trip, depending on your tolerance level. To maximize your experience with summer tires, invest in a vehicle that has built-in comfort features, such as lumbar support. You’ll feel better during and after your excursions in your car because the vehicle’s features will counteract any discomfort caused by the tires. You can also buy aftermarket products, such as seat covers, to further maximize your comfort.

Ideal for Performance Cars
Although summer tires can work with just about any vehicle, they’re made specifically for performance cars. The increased agility and control lends itself to high-performing vehicles, so they make a reasonable choice if you drive a powerful sports car.

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