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Porsche Certified Collision Center

In the unfortunate event that your Porsche requires collision repair, we understand that you demand only the best for your vehicle. To deliver only the best possible Porsche collision repair, Pfaff Autoworks is proud to provide a Porsche Certified Collision Center. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship which has helped us establish our reputation for excellence in collision repair. Our state of the art facility features an exceptionally clean work area, dedicated service bays, and specialized repair tools and equipment, which are only used for Porsche vehicles. In this blog by Pfaff Autoworks, we take a look at why you should choose a Porsche Certified Collision Center for your Porsche collision damage.

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Why choose Pfaff Autoworks for your Porsche collision repairs?…

Your Porsche has earned its reputation for delivering one of the most thrilling driving experiences known to automotive enthusiasts. In the unfortunate situation when your Porsche is involved in an accident, only the most thorough repair, reconstructive techniques, and materials can guarantee that your “Porsche Perfect” driving experience is not diminished. Ensuring Porsche’s high standards of quality and performance demands skilled and trained professionals who strictly adhere to Porsche procedures, which you will find at Pfaff Autoworks. To maintain this certification, Porsche Approved Collision Centers are also continuously supported and monitored by factory technical personnel, ensuring that we are always up-to-date on the latest Porsche models and repair techniques.

What can you expect from a Porsche Certified Collision Center?…

Every Porsche is a masterpiece of engineering. And its expert repair is just as complex and challenging. That’s why at Pfaff Autoworks, we take great pride in one thing: unparalleled technology. Our customers can expect:

  • Every Porsche Certified Collision Centre must pass the strictest certification process, including tooling, technician training, quality standards, and a commitment to maintaining the value of your Porsche through the use of only Genuine Porsche Parts.
  • Repair technicians and facilities must be specially trained and equipped to properly repair advanced materials to their original factory specifications.
  • Each approved Porsche Certified Collision Centre is audited yearly to ensure factory standards and procedures are always maintained.

Whether your vehicle needs repair due to accident damage or you simply want to restore it to its original, pristine condition, trust expert technicians who understand the finer nuances of Porsche design and engineering, and the passionate commitment of a Porsche driver to the integrity of their vehicle. Schedule your service appointment on our Pfaff Autoworks website today!

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