Do I need to get professional dent repair for my vehicle? 

Do I need to get professional dent repair for my vehicle? 

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR for short is a technique mastered by experienced auto technicians. It is used to remove body damage from a vehicle. If you have dents and dings in your car, you’ll want to find a repair shop with a technician well-versed in PDR. The advantages of having your vehicle repaired this way are numerous and worth mentioning in-depth. Dents and scrapes are going to happen during the lifetime of you vehicle, it is basically inevitable. Dents and scrapes can be any size and occur randomly while driving or as a result of a fender bender, or a bump in a parking lot. One thing is for certain when your high-end vehicle has received a dent or scrape, there is only one place to take it for professional paintless dent repair, Pfaff Autoworks. In this blog, we share some information about why you should consider professional paintless dent repair for your vehicle. 

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Restore your vehicle’s look to restore its value 

You want to get the most out of your trade-in, right? If given the opportunity to sell your car, truck, van, or SUV, you want to make enough to put towards a new vehicle. Having the experts at Pfaff Autoworks remove dents from your automobile ensures that you receive maximum value when you decide to buy something else. Our technicians can restore your vehicle back to its original body condition. 

Save time and frustration 

Nobody likes to buy a new vehicle just to drive it down the road on the first day and get a rock chip, or have it nicked up while parked in a lot. Most dent and scrape repairs take less than a day to complete. That means you can get back to business as usual without it seriously disrupting your life. In the event that the vehicle takes more time to repair, you can request a rental car so you can get back and forth to work, school, and appointments. If the insurance company won’t provide one to you, we will.

Avoid costly body repair and major work 

Neglecting small dents can cost you a pretty penny. If the dent rusts and worsens, you’re looking at bigger repairs and costs. Knowing what the insurance company pays for and taking care of the dents right away is advisable. You won’t be out near as much money when you address the problem when it’s small. It’s a way of taking charge of an issue before it becomes costlier and more difficult to manage. 

A shorter turnaround time 

Time is of the essence. We don’t make you wait to get your vehicle repaired. We’ll get it done quickly so you can have it back to do everything you need to do. In the meantime, we’ll help you get a rental car even if your insurance company won’t pay for it. Ask us about our Express Service at Pfaff Autoworks. Contact us for availability! 

In short, it is always a good idea to get professional paintless dent repair for your vehicle. If your vehicle has fallen victim to dents and scrapes, either at fault or not, Pfaff Autoworks can do the restoration work! Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or speak with a representative.