How to become certified in collision repair

How to become certified in collision repair

The mission of a Certified Collision Care program is to raise the industry’s technical capability and business operating standards. The objective is to ensure each repair business that is certified has what is necessary to properly and safely repair current and future vehicles manufactured by the participating Automakers; provide consumers with an exceptional experience; and offer employees a career opportunity within a professionally operated business. At Pfaff Autoworks, we are a Certified Collision Repair Facility that specializes in working on high-end vehicles. However, getting certified did not happen overnight, and much rather, it takes many years of providing quality collision services and high-end customer service in order to establish the reputation. If you are thinking about becoming certified at your shop, or you are wondering about how you can become certified, then you have come to the right place. In this blog by Pfaff Autoworks, we talk about some of the ways that you can become certified for collision repair. 

OEM Certification

To ensure the highly technical, next-generation vehicles are properly repaired to manufacturer specifications, leading Automakers are taking bold steps to ensure that collision repair providers have the proper tools, equipment, training, and facilities. All essential to the vehicle’s fit, finish, durability, functionality, value, and safety. Your collision repair business can become a “Certified Collision Care Provider,” and be officially certified by leading Auto Manufacturers. You can use these powerful credentials to differentiate your business in your market. Your customers will appreciate, and oftentimes seek out OEM parts for their vehicle repairs. 

5-Star Performance Program

This exclusive business improvement program is designed to assist body shops to evaluate their business’s capabilities and chart a plan to achieve OEM Certification and reach top performance metrics specific to your goals and objectives. Whether you are working towards achieving Certification or are already Certified, the 5-Star Business Performance Program provides you with a step-by-step improvement plan to ensure your shop continues to have what it takes to achieve OEM certification and set business performance and improvement targets based upon confidential benchmark comparisons, improvement goals, time lines, budgets, and action item to do lists.

Easy to follow step-by-step process to become certified

Below is the step-by-step process that all collision repair facilities go through to become Certified:

1- Enrolment and Registration 

2- Provide business information 

3- Process the payment for the certification 

4- Complete a Business Compatibility Assessment

5- Receive your score and evaluation for the assessment

6- Participate in an on-site inspection/audit of your facility 

7- Marketing and promotion of your business as being newly certified

When it comes to high-end vehicle brands like Tesla, Audi, BMW, McLaren, and Porsche, it stands to reason that a customer will want to take their vehicle to an experienced collision repair facility after an accident. If you own or operate a collision repair facility and you are looking to become certified, then hopefully this blog by Pfaff Autoworks has been informative. 

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