Do I have to go to a collision reporting centre?


Do I have to go to a collision reporting center?

No one wants to visit a collision reporting center in Ontario. But, if you get into a car accident, the odds are you will end up there. Today, if you call the police after an accident, they will most likely tell you to visit the nearest accident reporting center. Since most accidents are minor in nature, there are no injuries, and the vehicles involved are still driveable, there is no need for a police presence at the scene. In this blog by Pfaff Autoworks, we talk about the collision reporting center and if you need to go there after you have been in a collision.

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What is a collision reporting center?

A collision reporting center, or CRC, is a location within Ontario where drivers involved in an auto accident go to report a collision. There are collision reporting centers located in cities across the province.

Why do collision reporting centers exist?

Ontario has accident reporting centers to simplify the collision reporting process. They are designed to help drivers self-report accidents and create a collision report with the guidance of a police officer. They are also designed to free up local police for more pressing issues and to clear up traffic congestion.

Do I have to go directly to a reporting center after a collision?

If possible, visit the accident reporting center as soon as possible. You are required by law to visit the reporting center within 24 hours of the accident. If the accident occurs outside of business hours (business hours vary by location), bring your vehicle in as soon as possible the next morning. If your vehicle requires towing, it must be towed directly to the police reporting center from the scene of the accident.

How long does the process take at the reporting center? 

The length of time you will be at the collision reporting center will depend on how busy it is and how many people are ahead of you. Sometimes, reports can be filed in under an hour; other times, you may have to wait several hours to file your report. Times also vary based on the location of Toronto tends to be busier than a collision reporting center in Vaughan, Markham, or other less populated areas.

Going to a collision reporting center is beneficial especially if you are not at fault. It is important to have the collision be on record with the authorities so that you can send documentation to your insurance company and ensure your repairs are covered.

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