Get certified collision repair for my MINI

Get certified collision repair for my MINI

When it comes to damage caused by an accident, there’s often more than meets the eye. Your MINI’s structural integrity, mechanical systems, safety systems, and electronics may be affected, compromising your MINI’s performance and safety. Only MINI Certified Collision Repair Centers possess the technology, equipment, and expertise to identify problems beneath the surface, delivering more accurate, precise, and reliable diagnosis for repairs inside and out. If you are looking to get certified collision repair for you MINI, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Autoworks. At our collision repair facility, MINI vehicles fit under our certification! We know your car is an important part of your life, just like it is in ours. Pfaff Autoworks will make sure your vehicle is properly repaired.

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For high-end paintwork 

At some point in your journey, you’re bound to pick up a scrape, mark, or blemish on your MINI. Fortunately, Pfaff Autoworks is able to produce a refinish result that is identical to the original paint colour and safe for the environment. Additionally, if your MINI is in for collision repair, we can match the paint colour with ease! 

For cosmetic care 

We know how important your MINI’s looks are to you, which is why you don’t want to compromise on cosmetic care and repair. At Pfaff Autoworks, we will do everything in our power to restore your MINI’s iconic style. With our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery along with our very talented and knowledgable technicians, you can have your MINI Cooper back up and running in no time!

For bodywork 

From individual repairs to reassembly, Pfaff Autoworks use vehicle blueprints and MINI-approved restoration procedures to achieve accurate bodywork results. A final 3-D measurement is conducted to ensure precision down to the millimeter. This goes hand-in-hand with our equipment and machinery. We are able to perform the highest quality collision repairs on our customer’s vehicles.

Why choose Pfaff Autoworks for your MINI collision repairs? 

In the event of an accident, MINI Certified Collision Repair Centres (CCRCs) are equipped with specialized technology, tools, and technicians to restore your MINI to its original specifications. Whether the repair required is cosmetic or structural, only a MINI CCRC can issue an official certificate guaranteeing that the work was performed by specially trained technicians, using only Original MINI Parts. Why settle for anything else?

If you are looking to get certified collision repair for your MINI, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Autoworks. We encourage you to continue browsing through our website for more information about our services. Click here to find or contact information, schedule an appointment, or to speak with a representative.