Where to get my car fixed after a collision


Where to get my car fixed after a collision

One of the biggest concerns consumers have when they choose a collision repair shop is whether the repairs done will actually restore their vehicle to the state it was in before the accident. There isn’t a real clear-cut answer to the question posed in the title of this post, because each collision, and each vehicle is different. However, if you have recently been in a collision, and your car has suffered damage, Pfaff Autoworks can get it restored back to its original condition! With our technicians and equipment on your side, you can have confidence knowing that your damaged vehicle is in the best hands.

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Repairing your damaged frame

Just because your vehicle has sustained damage to its frame, doesn’t mean that it’s a write off. A car or truck is only considered a total loss when the price of repairs is more than the value of the vehicle. The vehicle owners’ insurance company determines the value of the vehicle. It’s important to remember that repairs to a vehicle’s frame can be done, and if the extent of the damage is not too acute, the repair work can cost less than the total value of the vehicle.

Pfaff Autoworks repair technicians will utilize computerized measuring systems to make precise repairs to the damaged vehicle frame. If a bend in the frame is too difficult to straighten, the damaged section of the frame can be removed and replaced. In the case of either repair or replacement, the vehicle’s frame will be restored to the same level of strength as it had before the accident.

Repairing scratches and chips

Even small blemishes on a car require skilled technicians to fix them to make sure that the original condition of the vehicle’s exterior is restored. If an area of the vehicle has been chipped or scratched, that area will need to be sanded down until it is even and smooth. A special spot putty may also be used to enhance smoothness. That putty gets sanded down again, then painted and finished. The whole process may seem extensive for a small cosmetic flaw, but it’s necessary to bring the vehicle back to its original state.

Matching the original paint color

When it comes to repairing the cosmetic appearance of a vehicle after a collision, using the right colour of paint on the repaired area is vital. If technicians can’t properly match shades of colours, the repaired area will stand out against the rest of the vehicle. Luckily, there are sophisticated paint systems available that give our technicians the ability to precisely match the finish of the vehicle to the finish that will be used on the repaired section.

If you are looking for where to get your car fixed after a collision, then Pfaff Autoworks is the place for you! With our equipment, machinery, and experienced technicians on your side, it is a no-brainer to choose our collision center.

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