How to get my Audi e-tron repaired after a collision

How to get my Audi e-tron repaired after a collision

Do you drive a high-end Audi e-tron electric vehicle? Have you recently been in a collision that has left your EV with damages that need repairs? At Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan, ON, our collision repair facility is certified to work on electric vehicle repairs that range from Tesla models to Audi EVs and much more. There are many benefits of bringing your damaged EV into a certified collision repair facility like Pfaff Autoworks. Our facility is home to state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that we use for all of our EV repairs. We also have the specialized and highly-trained technicians that electric vehicle repair requires. In this article, we share some information about how you can get your Audi e-tron repaired after a collision. 

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Make sure everyone at the scene is safe 

The first thing that you should do immediately after you have been in a collision is to make sure everyone around you is safe if you can. Hopefully, the collision would not be that serious as to leave people with injuries. No matter how minor the collision, stop in a well-lit place by performing a proper roadside stop, or by pulling into a parking lot. Ensure you and all passengers are safe, and then inspect the vehicle to ensure everything is in working order.

Take photos of the damages 

The next thing that you will probably want to do is document the damages to your car and the other cars involved. This way, you will have documentation of where the damages are on the vehicle, how extensive or minor, and the same for the other vehicles involved. You can show these photos to your collision repair technicians later on or the insurance company if you are putting a claim in. Additionally, at this stage, you will want to collect the information from the other drivers as well. License plates, emails, phone numbers, etc. 

Contact your Audi Roadside Assistance 

The final thing you should do is contact your Audi Roadside Assistance service so that you can have your Audi e-tron towed to our Pfaff Autoworks collision repair facility. The Audi Roadside Assistance Service is an added feature that Audi owners can take advantage of when they need it. You can have your Audi e-tron towed to our certified collision centre for its repairs. 

At Pfaff Autoworks, we are ready to take on your Audi e-tron collision repair services. We are fully certified to work on electric vehicles, and our state-of-the-art facility speaks for itself when it comes to quality. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or speak with a representative at Pfaff Autoworks.