Fix my BMW at a certified collision center


Fix my BMW at a certified collision center

Some special memories we like to cherish, while others we prefer not to. With your BMW as a constant companion, you can collect a whole host of these memories. There are some adventures that you might prefer to reverse though. With BMW Certified Collision Repair Centres (CCRC) you can permanently cherish the pleasant moments, even if your vehicle has been occasionally confused with a sketch pad. If you are looking to fix your BMW at a certified collision center in the Vaughan area, then our Pfaff Autoworks facility is the place for you. With Pfaff Autoworks being a BMW Certified Collision Center, it stands to reason that you will want to know what that entails. In this blog, we take a look at just that. 

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Have your BMW restored without a trace 

Life leaves its mark on all of us, and on our cars. At a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center like Pfaff Autoworks, the experts are always there for you, with expert personnel, the latest repair methods, and Original BMW Parts. They ensure a swift and expert restoration to the original condition, without any traces.

We take care of the small details 

It is the details that determine the big picture and also shape the pleasant moment. This is no different for your BMW. This is why Pfaff Autoworks ensures that small flaws are rendered invisible again and your BMW continues to gleam as it did on the very first day. Whether you have a dent in the body or a scratch in the paintwork, a tear in the upholstery or chip damage to the windscreen.

We have the specialized equipment for your BMW 

BMW cars require more than your typical OBDII scanner that many general repair shops utilize. BMW has specific diagnostic computers and software that are necessary in order to target the issues and resolve them. At Pfaff Autoworks, we employ this equipment for your BMW vehicle. Along with BMW OEM parts, we also use all the same manufacturer equipment.

Pfaff Autoworks is a Certified Collision Repair Centre in Canada. Advanced technology, BMW trained specialists and guaranteed work, are at the heart of every BMW CCRC. They make sure your BMW is restored to its original factory safety specifications.

Fix your BMW at a certified collision center in Vaughan, ON at Pfaff Autoworks. Continue browsing through our website to find more information about our certified vehicle repair services. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or to speak with a representative.