How is electric vehicle collision repair different?

How is electric vehicle collision repair different?

Are you thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle? Have you thought about what will happen if you ever get into a collision in that vehicle? Where will you take it for repairs? How does that work? At Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan, ON, we can answer all of these questions and then some! At our collision repair facility, we are now fully certified to work on Tesla vehicles in the EV market. Tesla demands the highest standards from an Approved Body Shop like Pfaff Autoworks through rigorous training and assessment of all the technicians that will work on your vehicle. We take the collision repair of the electric vehicle very seriously at Pfaff Autoworks, and you can have confidence that your Tesla is in the right hands. In this article, we share some information about how electric vehicle collision repair is different from regular collision repair. 

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Batteries in EV’s create new challenges for collision repair technicians 

Battery-powered vehicles offer a variety of benefits but come with their own repair demands. Especially when it comes to collision repairs. The No. 1 problem for repair technicians is the battery pack. Batteries damaged in a collision are expensive to replace and represent a long list of potential risks. In addition, even if batteries remain undamaged but structures around them are, they have to be removed before work can be done. Collision repair technicians go through specialized training to deal with electric vehicles. There’s a lot of additional technology to understand, including the risk of electrocution from the high voltage in hybrids.

Damages or accidents that can occur with collisions or mishandling of repairs 

When a damaged Tesla (EV) comes through our doors at Pfaff Autoworks, there are different sets of processes that must be followed. An electric vehicle can be damaged from a collision itself, but it can also become further damaged due to mishandling of its components during the repair process. Some ways this can happen include: 

  • Overheating the paint curing
  • Tools hitting the batteries 
  • Batteries becoming damaged during towing, lifting, or the collision itself
  • Improperly de-energizing the batteries
  • Improperly re-connecting batteries  

It is for these reasons and many more that our technicians at Pfaff Autoworks are continuously trained to make sure we are always prepared.

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