Come to Pfaff Autoworks for professional dent removal

What to do after a collision

Come to Pfaff Autoworks for professional dent removal

Your day was going just fine and then, Bam! Just like that, your car is hit, and your previously perfect vehicle is now dented. Upset is a weak word to describe how you feel as adrenaline surges through your body. You take pride in your vehicle and want it to look the best that it can and now you’re faced with a repair. Did you know that there are some benefits of professional dent removal that may make it the best solution for you to get everything back to how it was before? At our collision repair facility in Vaughan, we can repair dents and scrapes resulting from a car accident!

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

For minor dents that have not broken the factory paint finish, PDR is the preferred method for its low cost and high-quality results. Door dings, hail impacts, small creases, and even certain larger body dents are good candidates for PDR.

Collision/Major Dent Repair

When the paint has been scratched off or chipped, when creases have been stretched too far, or when the damage is simply too deep and extensive, dent specialists cannot rely on PDR. It may take light to major body work to restore such dents to their original shape, doors may need to be re-skinned, and wet sanding and polishing may be necessary to clear off surface scuffs and scratches.

Access to OEM Parts

When dents cannot be removed and new parts must be installed, you want to option of using only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts rather than aftermarket/recycled parts. At Pfaff Autoworks, we exclusively use OEM parts. We fix your car the way it was built, and with modern multi-material structures, that’s the only way.  The exclusive use of OEM parts and procedures also means every vehicle function, from locks and windows to blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, parking sensors, and rear-view-cameras, works correctly.

To remove unsightly dents and dings from your vehicle, it is best to rely on the superior tools and expertise of a reputable collision repair facility like Pfaff Autoworks. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or to speak with a representative.