Is ceramic coating good for your car?

Is ceramic coating good for your car?

Are you looking for a way to protect the exterior or interior of your car for years to come? Have you been doing research about the ceramic coating? When the ceramic coating is applied to a car’s body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paint. Once coated, it can only be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals. If done correctly, ceramic coating can even last the lifetime of the car. At Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan, ON, we offer premium quality ceramic coating services for our customer’s vehicles. If you are asking yourself if the ceramic coating is good for your car, then you have come to the right place to learn more. 

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The ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s surface

Adding a ceramic coating to your car’s exterior is a great way to prolong the condition of the paint. Ceramic coating can protect your vehicle from scratches and scrapes, dirt, road salt, and other chemical contaminants. 

Ceramic coating is very easy to clean 

A ceramic coating on your car is very easy to clean. Because ceramic coating prevents dirt, scrapes, and scratches, there should be no major buildup on the exterior of your car. This will allow you to take a cloth and wipe your vehicle down instead of heaving to do a major in-depth clean all the time.

Ceramic coating can be better than waxing your car 

When you add a ceramic coating to the exterior of your car, you can essentially skip waxing it all together. This is because ceramic coating adds a waxy look to your vehicle already. Both waxing and ceramic coating take a considerable amount of time to be applied. But in the long run, ceramic coating is better than waxing due to its long life and better finish. 

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