Car Mechanic at Pfaff Autoworks


Car Mechanic at Pfaff Autoworks

Inevitably, car owners are going to need to have their vehicle serviced sooner or later. When that time comes, they are faced with the decision of where to have the necessary service done, at the dealership service center where the vehicle was purchased or at a local car mechanic. There are several pros and cons to both, but for the purposes of this blog post by Pfaff Autoworks, we’re going to focus on the work performed by a car mechanic that specializes in the specific type of vehicle that you drive.

Vehicle Familiarity

One of the biggest advantages of servicing a vehicle at a car mechanic that knows your specific vehicle, is the familiarity the technicians will have. Dealerships employ technicians that are considered specialists in working on a particular line of vehicles. They are manufacturer-trained and, in most cases, only work on the make of vehicles that are sold through that particular dealership. When you are servicing your Pfaff vehicle, it is beneficial to you to take it to Pfaff Autoworks, where the technicians have specific repair knowledge of your vehicle.

The specialist training is often only offered to a manufacturer’s network of dealerships, and encompasses not only the service technicians, but service managers, advisors and support staff as well. This means that the men and women working on the vehicles have intimate knowledge of how these vehicles are supposed to perform and how/when to make necessary repairs.

A Built Relationship

Another advantage is the relationship that is built with the dealership. By having a vehicle serviced regularly at the car mechanic that is affiliated with your dealership, your technicians will have an accurate and up-to-date picture of the service history of that vehicle. Your Pfaff Autoworks technicians are better equipped to understand what is going on with each individual vehicle because they have all prior service records right at their fingertips.

Warranty Coverage

While having work done at a local repair shop may be more convenient, the fact is that a car mechanic affiliated with Pfaff will honor manufacturer and extended warranty coverage free of charge to their customers. This is a major plus to the customer in many ways, the least of which is to the wallet!

Repair shops usually charge a deductible and/or for labor for warranty repairs and often have to order parts which are not usually kept on-hand, which could also lead to additional shipping charges passed on to the consumer by the repair shop. At a Pfaff car mechanic, most parts needed to make repairs to the line of vehicles they sell are readily available, thus requiring less time for repairs to be made.


If you are driving a vehicle that you have purchased from a Pfaff dealership, it makes perfect sense to bring it into Pfaff Autoworks when it needs to be serviced. We are not your everyday car mechanic, at Pfaff Autoworks, we use high quality equipment and machinery combined with expert technicians with professional experience. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.