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Car Mechanic Vaughan

A lot of car-owners are confused about the difference between a car mechanic and an auto body shop. Since both mechanics and collision repair experts work to fix cars and get them back on the road again, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two. In reality, however, the two arms of the auto maintenance industry have their unique roles to play and they do it side-by-side to keep car-owners protected against every conceivable problem arising with their vehicles. When you bring your damaged vehicle to us at Pfaff Autoworks, you will be bringing your car to a certified and professional collision repair facility. With our industry leading machinery and equipment, and our team of expert technicians, Pfaff Autoworks can have your vehicle repaired back to its original manufacturer standards, and in a timely manner. Read on for more information about the differences between a car mechanic and a certified collision repair facility.

Why can’t mechanics do what collision repair specialists can?

Mechanics deal with day-to-day events in an automobile’s life. You already know that because you’ve taken your car to them dozens of times with small wears, tears and ailments. If you need an oil change or brakes repaired or transmission examined or lights checked, you go to a neighborhood mechanic shop to get the job done. Their people are trained and certified to diagnose and repair all mechanical parts of a car. Collision repair, however, is a whole different ball game. The problem here is `damage’, not merely normal functioning glitches, and the skill set required to work on a collision-damaged car is very different. Collision repair specialists at Pfaff Autoworks have a deep knowledge and are regularly trained on how different vehicles work, and those vehicles manufacturer repair processes.

What does a collision repair facility do?

When a car has been in an accident, it sustains body surface damages like crumpled hoods and fenders, dings, rips, dent etc. Auto body shops have the knowledge, certifications and equipment, like pneumatic tools, metal-cutting guns and plasma cutters to work on the body and return it to its former glory.

The second, really important process an auto body shop can do is painting. Car painting is a hugely expensive and laborious process, and a mechanics shop wouldn’t even have the necessary equipment or licenses to undertake this specialization. From minor scratches and dings to full-scale painting jobs, an auto body shop does it all.

The third aspect of this industry is structural collision repair. Even a low-speed collision can cause deep, structural damages. Panels can shift, twist, kink and break far from the point of impact. An auto body shop will ensure that all other parts of the auto body are still properly aligned, and that there’s no hidden damage still lurking deep within the skeleton of the automobile.

They are fully equipped to take a holistic overview of a collision-damaged car, and repair it thoroughly from inside out. This is why you need a specialized collision repair shop and not a car mechanic in Vaughan when your car has just survived a collision.

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