Benefits of Certified Tesla Repairs 

Benefits of Certified Tesla Repairs 

Over-the-air updates help to improve your Tesla over time, while remote diagnostics and the support of our Mobile Service technicians reduce your need to ever visit a Service Center. In the rare case that your car requires a body shop visit due to a minor or even major collision, a certified Tesla collision center is the only place that you should take your Tesla vehicle. At Pfaff Autoworks, we understand that your Tesla vehicle is your baby and a large investment that you have chosen to make in your life. The technology in these vehicles are industry leading, and that being said, when your Tesla is involved in a collision, many internal and external systems can be affected. There are many benefits of bringing your Tesla to a certified collision repair facility like Pfaff Autoworks. In this blog, we take a look at why you should choose a certified collision repair facility for your Tesla repairs. 

Tesla vehicles can maintain themselves, but sometimes accidents happen

Certified Tesla Collision Centers are continuously connected to Tesla headquarters, allowing  technicians and engineers to work together to identify and resolve issues in real time. Within hours, Tesla can make updates across an entire customer fleet. Tesla is also developing new ways for your Tesla to self-improve. The result is a car that is constantly evolving and improving, allowing you to stay out of the shop and on the road. However, sometimes the unfortunate situation of an accident can occur. In these instances it is imperative that you bring your Tesla vehicle into a certified collision center for repairs. These certified collision centers know how your Tesla works inside and out, and can administer collision repairs based on manufacturer standards and procedures.

Your Tesla repairs rely on your certified collision repair technicians skills

Collision Technicians at Pfaff Autoworks utilize multiple processes to guarantee your car is repaired promptly and properly. These include the following:

  • Welding of aluminum parts.
  • Durable mechanical joining or fastening techniques.
  • Structural bonding.
  • Cosmetic refurbishment.

Proficiency in aluminium-welding is a must for our collision technicians. We see to it that the welding of critical joints will meet specifications prescribed by Original Equipment Manufacturers together with the aspects of adhesive and mechanical bonding technology. This is an assurance that your car is repaired based on Tesla-Approved Body Shop Network benchmarks. 

Extensive training of our technicians is a guarantee that they can deal with all Tesla vehicle platforms like steel, aluminium chassis and body, and multi-technology systems. These include fibre, carbon, magnesium, and strong blended steel.

A Tesla vehicle consists of many technological components. If you have been in a collision involving your Tesla and you are in need of collision repair, then Pfaff Autoworks can do the job. There are many benefits of certified Tesla repairs at a reputable collision repair facility. We encourage you to continue browsing through our website for more information about our services at Pfaff Autoworks. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a service appointment, or to speak with a representative.