How to arrange a tow after a collision

What to do after a collision

How to arrange a tow after a collision

When you get in an accident, it feels like everything is happening at once. Law enforcement is asking what happened, you have questions from the other driver, and your insurance company needs details. Additionally, you have to determine if you need towing services. In most cases, if your car is not badly damaged, and there are no pieces of the vehicle falling off, you can drive it to a collision center for repairs. However, if you have been in a severe collision that has left your car undrivable with damage, then a tow will be undoubtedly needed. At Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan, we are certified to repair a variety of different vehicles under the Pfaff brand. In this blog, we talk about the process of arranging a tow if you need one after a collision. 

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You have options for a tow if you need one 

A tow truck may arrive at the accident scene as a request from law enforcement. Or, a truck could show up unsolicited after hearing about the accident on scanner traffic. Just like choosing body shop locations that you want to use, you have the right to select the towing company. Whether or not there is a tow truck on-site, you can choose whichever service best fits your needs.

Know your insurance policy 

Know what your insurance policy covers when you sign up. Go back and review your policy from time to time to remember what is covered, including roadside assistance coverage. If you have that, your insurance company will cover the cost of the tow, but the coverage may likely have a maximum number of miles it can be towed. If you do not have coverage for towing, this will be an expense you need to pay out of pocket. Also, keep in mind if your insurance company does not cover towing, you may have benefited from other places, including CAA, that may keep you from paying for that tow.

Understand the costs of towing if you need it 

Be specific when asking questions from the tow truck driver about all fees involved with the towing process, including where it will be towed and if there are storage fees associated. Do not allow the company to tow your vehicle without a clear understanding of the cost and if possible, request a printed invoice with the detailed pricing with the towing fee, storage fees, and any other charges.

Pfaff Autoworks certified collision center is here to repair your vehicle back to its original condition and manufacturers’ standards. If you are in need of a tow after a collision, make sure you are being towed to our Pfaff Autoworks collision center in Vaughan, ON! Click here to find our contact information or speak with a representative.