Advantages of certified MINI collision repair

Advantages of certified MINI collision repair

When it comes to damage caused by an accident, there’s often more than meets the eye. Only MINI Certified Collision Repair Centres possess the technology, equipment, and MINI-specific expertise to identify problems beneath the surface, delivering more precise and reliable repair diagnoses, inside and out. To make your MINI look and motor as good as new, there is no equal. If you have been in a collision involving your MINI vehicle and you are looking for certified collision repair, then Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan, ON is the place to be. At our collision centre, we have the state-of-the-art equipment and machinery combined with the experienced and certified technicians to restore your MINI vehicle back to its pre-collision condition. In this blog, we share some information about the advantages of certified MINI collision repair at Pfaff Autoworks. 

MINI-specific equipment 

To be part of a MINI-certified program, a collision repair center must be equipped with industry-leading diagnostic instruments, approved measuring equipment, spray booth systems, and a wide array of specialized tools and apparatus. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the automotive industry. And to do the best work, you need the best equipment.

Factory-fresh precision repairs 

Serious repairs often require your MINI to be disassembled to some extent. From individual repairs to reassembly, Certified Collision Repair Centre technicians use tools and procedures designed from vehicle blueprints for pinpoint accuracy. Approved by the MINI manufacturer, these techniques allow technicians to achieve body tolerances of one millimeter or less, far more precise than the industry standard.

Ongoing training 

Each technician at a MINI Certified Collision Repair Centre completes hours and hours of rigorous MINI-specific training. But it doesn’t stop there. Continuing education keeps MINI technicians current on newly launched models and the latest advances in automotive repair technology. At Pfaff Autoworks, our technicians are constantly learning and training on new repair procedures and techniques.

Certificate of repair 

Safeguard your MINI’s performance-and its value. All work performed by MINI Certified Collision Repair Centres is guaranteed to be carried out by trained staff using approved repair procedures, tools, and equipment specified by MINI.

In the event of an accident, MINI Certified Collision Repair Centres (CCRCs) are equipped with specialized technology, tools, and technicians to restore your MINI to its original specifications. Whether the repair required is cosmetic or structural, only a MINI CCRC can issue an official certificate guaranteeing that the work was performed by specially trained technicians, using only Original MINI Parts. Why settle for anything else? Choose Pfaff Autoworks today! 

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