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Benefits of an auto body shop after a collision

It’s not uncommon to hear that all body shops are essentially the same. But it’s not true, especially if you’ve got a car that requires certified technicians to repair it. A certified collision repair shop should be your first choice for a number of reasons. If your car has been involved in a collision that has left it with body damage, then Pfaff Autoworks is the place for you. For high quality collision repair administered by the industry’s best technicians and state of the art equipment and machinery, we recommend that you schedule your service appointment today!

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We use only the best parts

The goal of collision repair is not to bang out the dents and make your car look good. Rather, it’s to restore your car to its original condition before the accident happened. Everything should function as it did before the accident, including the parts you don’t think about, like crumple zones and other safety features that you won’t know aren’t fixed until you’re in another collision.

Our certified collision repair shop uses only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. You’ll know exactly what’s going into your car, and you’ll know it was built to be there.

We have the experienced technicians

Still, using OEM parts doesn’t mean much if the technicians at your shop don’t know how to install them. Just like there’s a big difference between you and everyone else your doctor sees, there’s an enormous difference in the technology and construction of cars between different makes and models. A guy who knows the Ford line inside and out can be just as baffled as you when looking at the inside of a Mercedes. Pfaff Autoworks does away with these issues by only hiring trained, experienced technicians to handle the job. They know how your car was built and thus how to fix it.

We have the equipment and machinery

Back in the day, “collision repair” meant having a hammer on hand to knock out dents and a welding torch in the garage to do spot repairs on a frame, but it’s the twenty-first century. Modern cars use complex alloys, customized plastics, proprietary materials, and other bits and pieces to put together your car. Pfaff Autoworks has gone through the manufacturer’s certification process and has the necessary tools to fix your car on hand. When it comes to your family’s safety, you shouldn’t skimp on the tools any more than you would the materials.

There are a number of benefits of choosing an auto body shop to repair your vehicle after it has been in a collision. For the best quality repair work on your vehicle, consider Pfaff Autoworks today!

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