Acura ProFirst Certified Collision Repair

All ProFirst Certified shops are inspected to ensure the right level of skill and expertise, as well as a commitment to complete proper and safe repairs, ongoing industry education, and customer satisfaction.

If you’re ever in an accident, insist that your insurance company authorizes only Genuine Acura Collision Parts. Why? Because Genuine Acura Collision parts are the only parts which are manufactured to Acura’s exacting standards for fit, finish and corrosion protection. They’re the only parts that are covered by our warranty. And they’re the only parts that are guaranteed to perform as only an Acura can.

Will my insurance company automatically specify Genuine Acura collision parts?

No. Imitation parts may be sufficient for insurance companies because they cost less, but it may compromise the fit, finish and corrosion protection of your Acura.


Do imitation parts equal the quality of Genuine Acura Collision Parts?

No. Imitation parts often don’t fit as well as they are not produced using the same high quality standards as Acura.


Is there a warranty on Genuine Acura Collision Parts?

Yes. Genuine Acura collision parts are covered by your vehicle’s Replacement Warranty.


Do I have the right to know?

Yes. You have the right to know what replacement parts are being used. Ask for proof that “like kind and quality” parts can equal Genuine Acura collision Parts. Chances are, they won’t.